Wednesday, May 2, 2012


No book ever arrives without help, not even one so humble as this. This is only the first draft of Son Of Danse Macabre and by the time I am finished on the long road to trying to get this sucker published I am sure this section will need to be twice as long. So lets consider this a stop gap. My heartfelt thanks to those below, and if I leave anyone out, my deepest apologies, it has been a long day of writing.

First off again my thanks to Stephen King for writing the original and giving me such a good wall to bounce off of. No cease and desist letter has yet arrived and I can only hope my luck holds out.

Thanks also must go to my Horror Rabbi Bill Ryan who was very generous with his time, suggestions and readings. Hes my most trusted critic in horror and if youre not reading The Kind Of Face You Hate then what the hell are you doing here?

An equal amount of thanks must go to Neil Fulwood, particularly for the great guest article he wrote during the biggest lull in this sites activity. It was a top notch piece from a top notch writer, and once again if youre not reading Agitation Of The Mind then WTF.

While I’m on bloggers special thanks must also go to JD LaFrance of Radiator Heaven, Emily from The Deadly Dolls House Of Horror Nonsense, Erich Kuersten of Acidemic and Robert Tower of It Rains You Get Wet. All of whom were extremely generous sending traffic this way. They are great writers all and good compadres to have in the blogging trenches. Thanks guys.

Special thanks must also be given to Dave Alexander and the crew at Rue Morgue for generously supplying me with some research materials when mine fell off the face of the earth. Which they did for no other reason than they are rock solid guys.

Finally, Id like to thank each and everyone of you who has taken the time to read Son Of Danse Macabre, and spread the word about it or even better, gave me feedback. Particular thanks must go to my fellow Tyrants and the fine folks on the CHUD boards. Thanks for your kindness and generosity. It has meant the world.
As most of you know it is my goal to get this book published and it will be, one way or the other by the end of the year. Even if I have to do it myself. Either way, publishing house or DIY having the whole thing on the internet is not good business policy. First draft or no. So know that I will be taking down the majority of the posts, besides the first chapter and the guest work approximately a month from now, on the blog’s one year anniversary.  Feel free to copy and paste as much as you want. The site itself will remain open if not particularly active (though I’m not ruling anything out) and if I get any news on the publishing front you guys will be the first to know. I can guarantee that the book will have enough new material to make a second dance worth your time.

Thank you, it has been a blast.