Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ball Is In Your Court

OK fellas here's how it's going to go...

I am very aware that many of you wonderful folk have read Son Of Danse Macabre in it's original incarnation, and I don't want you thinking I forgot you. Not only has the book been revised and expanded throughout, but I have also included three Appendixes which have about 15,000 extra words of content, about nine essays in all there for the taking.

Still not enough? OK here's a little something to sweeten the pot, if you buy the book, and send a picture of it on your reading device to me at bryced021(at)hotmail.com I will review any horror movie you care to have me do.


Yes Any.

Always wanted to know what I thought of Ginger Snaps? Buy the book and find out. Did I wrong you in a past life and now you want to force me to watch The Exorcist 2? Consider it done. Want me to review your short, send me a picture of the purchased book and I will.

The review will be in depth and aspire to the standard set by Son Of Danse Macabre.  They will run no less than 1,000 words (within reason, you send me a one minute looping reel of someone having an axe slammed into their forehead and there will only be so much I can do with it). And as of right now I'm putting no limit on them, if I have to write 3,100 Days Of Horror to make my commitment work then I will.

And if you do find it in your heart to purchase, then you have my eternal gratitude, sincerely. Thank you.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Something Is Coming...

Hello gang, it's been a bit. Don't worry though, there's a big announcement coming soon. In the meantime, get started on the fun over at Things That Don't Suck.